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SAPIENTIA CHRISTIANA   versione testuale

Promoting the quality of a university/faculty means identifying the value of the activities it carries out, building on positive aspects and making improvements when necessary.
Evaluations are a particularly useful for this purpose and involve three stages, the first being the identification of which criteria define the quality of a particular university/faculty, according to its mission. Second is the collection of relevant, valid and reliable information concerning the conduction of institutional activities in relation to the abovementioned criteria. Third, a judgment is expressed concerning the quality of activities carried out, based on the abovementioned criteria and bearing in mind the information acquired.
In the case of ecclesiastical faculties, the fundamental quality-defining criteria are found in the Sapientia christiana and their individual Statutes.These are also the institutions’ most characteristic features and can be identified in a careful reading of article 3 of the Constitution.
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