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AVEPRO SELF EVALUATION   versione testuale

Every five years, according to its statutes, AVEPRO carries out a self evaluation under the supervision of the Congregation for Catholic Education as competent authority.
Efforts have been made to ensure that AVEPRO’s self-evaluation process was very inclusive, involving all the Agency’s staff, members of the Scientific council and Board of directors and different stakeholders.
As final act of this process, we have realized a Self Evaluation Report.
The Agency’s quality promotion and evaluation activities have focused primarily on reinforcing forms of dialogue and collaboration with the various institutions, by seeking to understand the various scenarios involved.
We hope to have identified the various areas in which improvements can be made and to be increasingly seen by the academic institutions as an Agency whose purpose is to facilitate their and therefore also our shared task.
Moreover, the Agency has successfully carried out the application process to obtain the ENQA full membership. Below, it is available the Panel Report of the external review of AVEPRO.
Report of external review of AVEPRO (ENQA FULL MEMBERSHIP)
Budget 2011 (available only in hard copy)
Budget 2012 (available only in hard copy)
Budget 2013 (available only in hard copy)
Congregation for Catholic Education (CCE) Circular letters (Circular letter n° 3, Circular letter n° 5, Circular letter n° 7)
INDEX, Editio 2005, Universitates et alia Instituta Studiorum Superiorum Ecclesiae Catholicae – Congregation for Catholic Education (2005) - (available only in hard copy)
Quality Culture, a Handbook for Ecclesiastical Faculties – Congregation for Catholic Education  (2012) - (available only in hard copy)
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